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Shower Restoration & Re-Seal
Leaking Shower Repairs

Left unattended, a leaking shower can cause extensive damage to the timber structure of a home. Mouldy plaster, rotting skirting or a damp smell are signs your shower is leaking. Shower leaks have several causes - The main factor being building movement. If the shower recess has not been sealed correctly to begin with or the sealants and grouts have degraded to the point of failing then water will penetrate beneath the tiles. Water which is trapped underneath tiles will eventually cause them to lose their adhesion with the substrate and lift. Prolonged water contact will also cause waterproofing membrane to crack and fail.

Our Shower  Restoration & Re-Seal Process Includes:
  • Remove all existing sealants from base, walls and shower screen. Remove wall and floor grout
  • Reseal wall/ floor junctions with high-grade sealant
  • Re-Grout walls and floor with colour-matched mould resistant grout
  • Seal and service taps (if necessary)
  • Re-seal shower screen
  • Apply penetrating sealer to entire shower recess


Regrouting will bring tiled floors or walls back to life. We only use high quality mould-resistant grouts and always apply penetrating sealer for added protection.

No job too large or small. Domestic / Commercial

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundries etc.

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Bathroom Floor Regrouting Before And After

Re-Tiling / Repair Work

Loose or damaged tiles will require repair work to be carried out. Star Shower Repairs offers a full wall / floor re-tiling service.

Bring an old neglected area back to life, or give it a fresh modern look.

Bathrooms, laundries, kitchens. No job too small

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